Beach Blanket Bette: Exploring the Best Movie Beaches with Bette Midler

Short answer: Movie Beaches with Bette Midler

Beaches is a 1988 movie starring Bette Midler as Cecilia “CC” Carol Bloom and Barbara Hershey as Hillary Whitney Essex. The film chronicles the lifelong friendship between two women from different backgrounds who share experiences and support each other through life’s ups and downs while spending time on various beaches around the world.

How Bette Midler Brought Movie Beaches to Life: Behind-the-Scenes Story

It was the year 1988, and director Garry Marshall had a vision. He wanted to make a movie about the lifelong friendship between two women from different backgrounds; one white and privileged, the other black and more working-class. The story would follow their ups and downs over several decades, showcasing how true friendship can withstand anything life throws at it.

This concept became “Beaches,” an instant classic that has touched countless hearts around the world for over three decades. But what brought this timeless story to life? Look no further than Bette Midler, who portrayed brash but lovable singer C.C. Bloom in her first-ever leading role on film.

Midler’s casting might have seemed natural at first glance; after all, she was already known as “The Divine Miss M” thanks to her larger-than-life persona on stage. However, bringing C.C.’s complex character arc to life required much more than singing chops or charisma alone.

For starters, Midler had to undergo a massive transformation physically. As playful as they are now (think of her clapping emojis!), you wouldn’t see many photos of mid-aged Bette wearing anything resembling beachwear with exposed skin! Despite being a musical superstar and seasoned performer by this point in her career – having won four Grammy Awards in various categories since debuting seven years earlier – Midler hadn’t yet made waves on film beyond brief cameos or supporting roles (like playing Janis Joplin’s manager). It wasn’t enough to convincingly portray someone struggling with addiction issues while still maintaining comedic relatability; Midler needed vocal training from legendary coach Samantha Eggar in order to sing off-key intentionally during certain moments like All I Need To Know“…’bout Dirt”. She probably dropped fishbowls on herself too for authentic purposes.*

Then there were the emotional demands of playing C.C., whose tough exterior masked deep insecurity when sharing personal feelings. Midler had to be able to channel both C.C.’s bold, brassy side and her more vulnerable moments as someone hoping for more than surface-level connections from those around her.

To this end, Midler took method acting techniques honed on stage into the movie-making process of “Beaches.” She would go lengths not only in memorizing lines but really putting herself directly inside C.C.’ subconscious mind through intense rehearsals that lasted up to 15 hours a day especially when getting into each other lives beyond shoot.

One iconic example stands out: When filming the scene where C.C. belts out “The Wind Beneath My Wings” alone in an empty nightclub – famously as Barbra Streisand cover was still scaling charts –Midler knew she needed real tears flowing down during that song’s crescendo; so much harder since Manager ‘Harry Takawawa’ (Reid Asato) just died. Garry Marshall told Bette though it’s too hard emotionally thus meaning they have options like special effect tears or using actor Meryl Streep’s tear trick

Movie Beaches with Bette Midler Step-by-Step: From Script to Screen

There are a lot of things that go into the making of a movie, from developing the script to finding the perfect actors for each role. And when it comes to iconic films like Beaches starring Bette Midler, every step in the process is crucial for creating a timeless classic.

First things first – let’s discuss the genesis of Beaches’ screenplay. The story was originally written by Iris Rainer Dart as a novel that found its way into producer Bonnie Bruckheimer’s hands. After becoming interested in turning it into a film, she brought on writer Mary Agnes Donoghue to adapt it for the screen.

It wasn’t an easy task – at its core, Beaches explores themes such as female friendship and loss that require deft handling. But with Donoghue’s talents on board along with director Garry Marshall, who had already proven his ability to bring heartwarming stories to life with hit movies like Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries under his belt – they began working through each scene together until everything felt just right.

Once they had their finalized screenplay in hand, casting stars became another important obstacle to conquer. Enter Bette Midler: known for her incredible voice and charming stage presence, she was immediately approached about playing one half of the central duo alongside relative newcomer Barbara Hershey who would play C.C.’s best friend Hillary Whitney (later changing her name from Margaret).

The chemistry between these two women couldn’t be ignored — during auditions both actresses were able to effectively portray all stages of their characters’ lives including childhood flashbacks lasting years which speaks volumes about how well-suited they were not only physcially but emotionally and mentally talented toward delivering performances worthy enough to resonate generations after release.

As filming got underway on locations far-flung across America’s East Coast temperatures soared while tensions on-set remained high due mostly because scenes required several takes before audience peforming successfully tested upon them properly capturing the emotion and depth in each of these characters.

Following the completion of Beaches’ creation process, all that was left was to wait for it do its magic on audiences. And while not always immediate success at release time like 1988’s Winter People or Oliver Stone’s Talk Radio later that same year),Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey eventually went on earn accolades from critics along with an ever-growing audience as the years passed proved this particular project had staying power.

And so concludes our look at Movie Beaches with Bette Midler Step-by-Step: From Script to Screen– a true testament to how much work goes into creating something truly special within the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a fan of Midler herself or simply appreciative of an excellent screenplay adapted perfectly, we hope this glimpse behind-the-scenes has given you some insight into what makes Beaches one of Hollywood’s shining examples for feature films made “right” – every step carefully considered by creative experts invested wholly in making something that would endear people for generations upon their theatrical run while inspiring future

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About the Legendary Movie Beaches with Bette Midler

If you’re a fan of classic tear-jerkers, then Beaches is no doubt on your top 10 list of all-time favorite movies. Starring the incomparable Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, this heartwarming film tells the story of two best friends whose bond lasts through life’s ups and downs.

Whether you’re new to the movie or have watched it countless times, there are surely a few things you still may not know about Beaches. So we’ve compiled everything you need to know in one handy FAQ:

Q: When was Beaches released?

A: The film was first released in 1988, marking its 30 year anniversary this year!

Q: Who directed Beaches?

A: Garry Marshall (of Pretty Woman fame) directed this emotional masterpiece.

Q: Is Beaches based on a book?

A: Yes! The movie is actually adapted from a novel of the same name by Iris Rainer Dart.

Q: What songs does Bette Midler sing in Beaches?

A: Being that she plays a successful singer in the movie, Bette performs multiple iconic songs throughout including “Under The Boardwalk,” “The Glory Of Love,” and most famously “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

Fun fact – Wind Beneath My Wings was an existing song prior to the filming but it became even more popular with her rendition due to its prominent feature within some emotional scenes at key points during the movie.

Q. Where Was“Beaches” Filmed?

Well… strangely enough many people think “Beaches” was filmed, well…at beach locations! But interestingly enough Brooklyn played home for several scenes as parts were shot near Coney Island those iconic roller coasters (now gone since Hurricane Sandy). In addition; much interior building shooting occurred too across Lower Manhattan’s Upper West Side until finally finishing out towards California where warm ocean scenery provided comfortable backgrounds too.

Q. Is Beaches a musical?

A: No, but it features multiple music performances and is known for its incredible soundtrack.

Q: Who else besides Bette Midler starred in the movie?

A: Barbara Hershey played CC’s lifelong friend/ ‘Beaches’ partner Hillary Whitney while a young Mayim Bialik (of Big Bang Theory fame) appeared as Hillary’s daughter Jess.

Additionally cameos are made by musicians such as Carol Channing playing herself, and even “Dad” from Rugrats Joe Alasky playing John Pierce during his brief appearances!

Well there you have it – everything you need to know about the legendary film Beaches with Bette Midler. Now go ahead and grab some tissues…you’re going to need them!

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Beach Blanket Bette: Exploring the Best Movie Beaches with Bette Midler
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